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Just returned from another 3 city tour in NC & VA. I really enjoyed meeting the folks there and learning from them. Speaking about learning, I am currently in the process of recording my "Specialty Products for Home Accessibility and Independence" seminar and breaking it down into one hour modules. This will allow another option for taking my courses. Stay tuned and I will let you know when it becomes available.


The CHER® for Professors and Program Directors

The CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) is available to professors and program directors at no cost to use within their curriculum as a means of teaching universal and accessible home design and producing home evaluation and assessment reports. Many colleges and universities across the country have expressed an interest or have incorporated the CHER® into their programs.

The CHER® for Students

Students currently enrolled in a college or university program such as one listed below, are encouraged to use the CHER®:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Kitchen & Bath Designers
  • Home Designers/Interior Designers
  • Architectural Programs
  • Construction Management
  • Home Modification Programs

Please contact Vicki at 616-887-8130 for more information or click here to learn more about using the CHER®.

Happy Holidays!

Specialized Home Design, Inc. would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy Holidays!

One Year Ago Today!

One year ago today, a major decision was made allowing all CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) users to get it FREE in hopes that it would help you generate reports for a client or use it as a resource book on universal and accessible home design.

We would like to express our gratitude to those of you who have signed up for your FREE account and continue to use the CHER® for FREE. We appreciate you support and feedback.

If you like using the CHER® please let your colleagues, friends (or anyone else interested in universal and accessible home design) know and send them to this link ( to sign up and get their own FREE account. I hope this product will continue to help those who may have to sit or lay in a hospital bed or at home so they too can empower themselves with the utilization of the CHER®.

If you would like more information about universal and accessible home design, please visit our website at: It is loaded with vital information. While you're there, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter, Access Abilities.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Everyone knows “a picture paints a thousand words”. As professionals doing home evaluations or assessments, including pictures in your CHER® reports helps paint a picture for the reader. Pictures help portray an area of the home environment that is a barrier for the client and it may be difficult to describe. Things such as unsafe steps into the home, the lack of handrails along the steps to another level of the home, the lack of ADA compliant grab bars, etc. all present challenges for the elderly and someone with a disability.

After you’ve made a recommendation, there is a simple way to demonstrate in a photo what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are recommending ADA compliant grab bars be installed in your client’s master bathroom, you can draw in the location of the grab bars using a copy of your original photo of the area in question. Simply make a “copy” of the original photo, then using a photo editing program such as Photoshop, Pixlr, etc., draw in lines where the grab bars need to be placed. When you are done, save the photo to your computer file and then upload the photo into your report. This enhancement will provide a visual image to your recommendation.

It should be noted that if you use a copyrighted image and alter it in any fashion and use it for commercial purposes, you should contact the owner of the image to obtain written permission to use the image.

You can find more tips and more information about the CHER® HERE.

Research Projects on the CHER®

Research Project Opportunities

Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) is already working with several companies and individuals in regards to universal and accessible home design and would like to work with others and be able to partner with universities and colleges as well as private institutions interested in doing research projects on the utilization of the CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) for single family residential homes. If you are interested please email us or contact our office at 616-887-8130.


A Home Evaluator:

A home evaluator is a professional who will go to a home upon request and make recommendations on space relationships and specialty products for the home environment. A home evaluator will generate a comprehensive home evaluation report for all parties involved in the home modification project. This individual may or may not continue to be engaged with the home modification project. Ideally they would continue to participate as needed until the project is complete.


A Home Modification Coordinator:

A home modification coordinator is an individual who will guide all parties involved in a home modification project and/or a new build project. A home modification coordinator may perform a home modification evaluation and produce a report or work with reports from other professionals. This individual will understand the complexities of the process and the players involved in home modification projects.

You can find more information regarding the CHER and accessible and universal home design by going to our website.


We have just added a new page to our website called "Tips for CHER users". It is full of great tips for our CHER users. If you are utilizing the CHER to produce home evaluation reports, these tips can assist in maximizing many of the features of the CHER.

You can read more about the CHER and sign up for your free CHER account for your own personal experience.


WooHoo!!! Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) is very pleased  to announce that the number of CHER® users has more than doubled since last year. There were 1630 users of the CHER® in July 2011 compared to the 736 users in July 2010. We strive to keep extending our user base, which now includes more professions, including universal & accessible home designers & contractors and there are many colleges and schools that have incorporated the CHER® into their curriculum as a learning tool.

You can read more about the CHER® on our website. You can sign up for your CHER® account and try it today to see for yourself. It's absolutely free so what have you got to lose?

The Resource Directory within the CHER

The Resource Directory is a beneficial feature of the CHER® (the Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report). The Resource Directory lists many different companies that offer specialty products and services for the home environment. This allows a user of the CHER® to have access to seek out products and services related to universal and accessible home design. This feature also puts your company at the fingertips of any CHER® user…and as we all know (hopefully), the category of users is a very wide range, and growing bigger every day.

The Resource Directory an exceptional way to market your company’s products or services being viewed by highly targeted and motivated buyers. Participating in the Resource Directory also places your company in other locations in the CHER® and on our website. Access to the Resource Directory is obtained through having your own free CHER® account. Sign up now to view the complete list in the Resource Directory.

The benefits of using the CHER®

  • Using the CHER® can increase productivity by helping to guide your staff in producing detailed reports. The CHER® allows you to organize your thoughts and provides enhancement to problem solve issues regarding home modifications.

  • The CHER® has produced accurate accounting of not only problems found within the home environment, but it also enables users to produce reports that are precise for any issues.

  • Proper documentation is critical to obtain top quality home modification results for clients (i.e. the injured, contractors, insurance companies, etc.) The CHER® has been proven to be an effective method of documenting the client’s needs based on their functional status or lack thereof.

  • How is reimbursement effected when using the CHER®? Specialized Home Design found that full reimbursement is easily obtained as long as it is realistically needed for the client. It has also been found that current documentation can be lacking in many settings concerning the home environment. With the use of the CHER®, you will be able to produce professional, high quality home modification reports.

You can read more about the CHER® on our website. You can sign up for your CHER® account and try it today to see for yourself. It's absolutely free so what have you got to lose?

The CHER...for students?

The CHER isn’t just for professionals who want to perform a home modification report. It is also being used by students at colleges and universities. Find out how college and university students are using the CHER as a learning tool.

Announcing the Launch of Our New Website:

After months of preparation, dedication and hard work to prepare for this exciting day, Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) is delighted to officially announce the launch our newly designed website. The new site launched on June 9th, 2011, and is now available. The new URL is:

At SHD, our goal for the new website is to provide our visitors with an extremely user friendly website. The new innovative site will offer more functionality and easier navigation with more in-depth information about universal and accessible home design.

There is much more information to read about, such as information about SHD, information about the owner and how SHD came to be as well as services we offer. Under the Learning center, we have given a substantial amount of detailed information through our galleries, reference books and videos in the media library. We have also added related websites that allow visitors to be able to reference even more information…and finding Scott’s upcoming seminars are easier than ever to view with just a simple click of a button. Also within the Learning Center are information sources ranging from educational articles and areas of interest to viewing our monthly newsletter online. The list of resources is extensive in nature whether you are looking for universal design floor plans or searching out specialty products for the home environment.

So, whether you are “just looking” or you are seeking more specific details about a ramp to use or maybe seeking more information regarding the differences in elevators or chair lifts, we are here to help you learn more as we strive to give the most updated information and offer great learning tools for different types of guests that visit our site.

There is so much more information on this site that we can’t possibly list everything, so we encourage you to explore our dynamic website. While you’re at it, you can sign up for a free CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) account which offers even more specific details and information pertaining to universal and accessible home design. You can visit our new website at:

Time for an update =D

It's been a while since I've written anything on my Blog...okay,'s been a long I thought I would write a little bit and say hello.

I will be traveling to New York & Vermont for my seminars next week. I am excited about going to visit the “BIG APPLE” and I am looking forward to meeting the new people that attend my seminars. If you are interested in seeing where my upcoming seminars are, the most updated list of seminars can be found at:

I am anticipating our new website being up and running this month…we are hoping that it will be done. It is going to be full of so much more detailed and useful information than our current website.

I have really enjoyed talking to the Directors from the National Council on Independent Living (NICL). I have been getting in touch with them for the last month or so and it has been a pleasure to get to know some of them. I am looking forward to start calling the Directors from the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL). 

Stay in touch here and “LIKE” our business Facebook at: page to stay updated when our new website will be up.

Until next time, be well.

An article I found on tips for building or remodeling.

This article gives some excellent points to consider. Click on the link to read:

7 Things to Keep in Mind Whether Buying, Building or Remodeling


The CHER® is available to professors and program directors to use within their curriculum as a means of teaching universal and accessible home design and producing home evaluation and assessment reports. Students currently enrolled in a formal program at a college or university program are welcome to use the CHER®. Some student programs include Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Kitchen and Bath Designers, Home Designers/Interior Designers, Architectural Programs and Construction Management

For more information or to learn more about the CHER®, please contact Specialized Home Design, Inc. at 616-887-8130 or go to

Sign up for a free CHER® account & Upcoming Seminars

CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) is a web-based tool for physical and occupational therapists and other professionals producing home assessment reports. Please check out the CHER® at the link below for more information and Sign up for your free account at:

" The Home Modification Specialists - Who is this person?"

    I wanted to talk to you (the client) about having your home looked at by a home modification specialist. Many individuals will at sometime or another need recommendations as to how to modify a present or a future home secondary to a injury or disease process. Some individuals will want to modify their homes because they want to age in place and are looking to their later years in life. Whatever the reason, it will be important to know who it is that will be entering your home and performing a home evaluation. The recommendations on space relationships and specialty products will impact you and your family for a long time.
      The home modification specialists maybe a medical practitioner (physical therapist, occupational therapist) or a non medical practitioner (contractor, architect, home designer, etc.). The client should ask questions as to the back ground of the individual(s), some of these questions are the following:
     1) How long have you been performing evaluations?
     2) What are your qualifications as a home evaluator?  What training have you had in this type of work?
     3) Who is paying for this evaluation and what relationship do you have with the payer source?
     4) If the evaluator is a independent subcontractor and they are making recommendations, do they have a financial relationship with others involved in the project? (i.e. contractor, speciality vendors, etc.).
     The client should ask for references from at least 2 to 3 previous clients that can verify the home modification specialists competence within this field. Just because the individual identifies himself or herself as a home modification specialists does not mean they know what they are doing. The old saying "buyer beware" applies here. These are just a few of the questions one might ask before allowing someone to enter their home and make life altering recommendations.
     More information about home modifications can be found on our website at

Until the next time, God Bless.
       Scott Anderle P.T.,C.A.P.S.

"Thanks for all your support!" We at Specialized Home Design appreciate it.

     Hi, my name is Scott Anderle P.T.,C.A.P.S owner of Specialized Home Design, Inc.(SHD).  I wanted to thank all of you who have called and given my staff and I your thoughts and support as we continue to work towards our goals here at Specialized Home Design, Inc. I wanted to let you know about a few things that have changed since my last posting. First, the CHER (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) has continued to gain users around the country. Many centers from the National Centers for Independent Living (NCIL) and APRIL (Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living) have now begun signing up to use the CHER for their centers. We at SHD appreciate each and everyone of those using the CHER as a resource book or a reporting tool.
     SHD has picked up several new universities over the last month who are now using the CHER in their curriculums. They give the students projects in which they have to produce a home modification report using the web based tool. Each student has his or her account and will produce a full home or partial home report for their professor. We look forward to working with these students and their professors. Those of you who are interested please contact my office (616-887-8130) and talk with my staff.
     I have also begun working with universities via Skype to teach about universal and accessible home design. This is a new offering as well. I will be working with Wayne State University (Occupational Therapy Department) via Skype this spring. There are many exciting projects that we are working on with other universities.
     Approximately 2 weeks ago I flew to Dallas, TX to be video taped by HomeCEUConnection (a national online continuing education company). By the end of February or the beginning of March they will have all three of my one day seminars available online for those seeking CEUs. This is very exciting for us here at SHD, we will be able to have another avenue to talk about universal/accessible home design. Shortly this same offering will be available through Cross Country Education Inc. (CCE).  Currently I am doing 3 city tours for CCE, last week I was in AL, MS, and LA. I want to thank all those professionals for coming out and participating in my one day seminar on Speciality Products.
     In closing I wanted to mention that SHD is in the process of creating a new website and hope it will be one of the leading websites for universal and accessible home design. Stay tuned for more details! Thank you again for all your support. God Bless,
                                                               Scott Anderle

Happy Holidays from the "gang" at Specialized Home Design Inc.

Hello All!
     Well the end of the year is coming upon us fast and furious. We at Specialized Home Design have been working hard all year to bring you information on universal/accessible home design. I wanted to let you know that in 2011, my three one-day seminars are going to be going online as online continuing education courses. I have just finished breaking down all three into one hour seminars, which will be offered through Cross Country Education. We will keep you informed as to when this opportunity will be available.  I will also be flying down to Texas in January 2011 and I will be having video and audio taping myself. This will then be placed out for those of you to earn CEUs (continuing education units) through this company as well. I will continue to give live seminars next year as well all over the country.
     I wanted to thank all of you for your support over the last year. You have encouraged me and inspired me to continue to work towards informing and educating as many professionals about universal and accessible home design. In the last 18 to 24 months, I have had the honor to speak to approximately 5000 professionals through my educational seminars. I look forward to continuing this endeavor.
      A major decision was made this year to give the CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) product away for FREE for all users of it. I hope this will encourage and help those of you who wish to either generate a report for your clients or use it as a resource book on universal and accessible home design. I would ask all of you to tell your collegues and friends about the CHER®. I hope this product will help those with a disability, as they sit or lay in a hospital bed or at home so they to can empower themselves with the utilization of the CHER®.   
                                                    Thanks again, Happy Holidays, 
                                                      Scott Anderle P.T.,C.A.P.S.

What's New?

Hello all!
It has been a very busy couple of weeks for Specialized Home Design, Inc.!  Scott recently traveled to Virginia & Maryland, where he gave his seminar, “Specialty Products for Home Accessibility and Independence.”  And last week, he spoke in Missouri & Oklahoma where he gave his seminar, “The ABC’s of Home Modifications for Patients with Physical & Neurological Disabilities”.  The turnout for these seminars was amazing!  If you or anyone you know is interested in attending these seminars, please be sure to visit the ‘Events’ tab of our website, to see if Scott will be speaking near you!  Attendance at these seminars can qualify for continuing education credits.  Also, participants of these seminars are eligible to receive a FREE trial of the CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) for a 4-month period if your CHER® account is created within 3 working days after the seminar.
Along with Scott’s traveling all over the country giving his seminars, he has been training multiple individuals with a high interest in becoming home modification coordinators and starting a new venture in their business lives.  This 3 hour one-on-one training course is titled “Getting into Universal and Accessible Home Design” and it has been a tremendous success.  If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a home modification coordinator and getting into universal and accessible home design, this course is recommended for you.  Scott Anderle, PT, CAPS and owner of Specialized Home Design, Inc., offers personal guidance and instruction on how to start and set up your own company, and/or set up a new division within your existing company.  His years of practical work experience and knowledge in universal and accessible home design will allow you the information necessary to make informed business decisions and proceed down the pathway of success.  Please contact our office at (616) 887-8130 or for further information regarding this course and the training manual.
This Thursday, October 21, Scott will be presenting “The ABC’s of Home Modifications for Patients with Physical and Neurological Disabilities” as a pre-conference Institute (Institute B – Geriatrics) at the WOTA (Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association) Conference & Exposition: “Waves of Change” in Mequon, WI.  The following week, he will be taking a well deserved rest from his travels, but we will be continuing to add new users to the CHER® and list more companies within the Resource Directory.  The newest members of the Resource Directory are Spectrum Products ( and Freedom Innovations, Inc. (  Be sure to visit their websites to see the amazing products that they offer, and also – check them out within the CHER®!
Many new and exciting things are happening with Specialized Home Design, Inc., and the CHER® - so be sure to check back often!  We will be updating this blog as often as possible and can’t wait to “cher” all of the news with our blog readers!
Until next time!

Welcome to Specialized Home Design, Inc.'s Blog:

    Hi, my name is Scott Anderle, PT, CAPS, and I am the owner of Specialized Home Design. Inc. - a consulting company regarding universal and accessible home design. One of my assistants (Kari) has begun placing information on this blog site about a product that I have invented and developed called the CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report). This tool has taken 7 years to create and has taken thousands of man hours. It is my baby - she continues to grow and mature over time. It is my dream to have this tool become one of the leading products used throughout the nation for generating home modification reports, as well as a resource book. It has many unique features and benefits and we are currently working on version 3 at this time. I want to thank all of those who have supported me along the way. It has been extremely difficult at times, but today we have nearly 1000 accounts with individuals using the CHER® all over the country as well as in Canada. I hope to use this blog to inform you of Specialized Home Design's future activities as well as the growth of the CHER® product.
    I have been blessed to have approx. 22 to 25 colleges/universities that are now teaching with the CHER® tool. Remember, the CHER® is free for any student or professor as long as they are in the college/university setting. In future blogs I will want to discuss topics of universal and accessible home design. I may pick a subject and just give you my thoughts and experiences so as to educate and/or assist those with disabilities. Thank you again for visiting my blog, until next time.

God Bless,

What is The CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report)?

The CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) is a state-of-the-art template for medical practitioners and/or construction professionals to utilize when creating a home evaluation and/or home assessment report for their clients.  This is a web-based tool intended to be used by medical professionals (i.e. physical and occupational therapists, etc.) as well as construction professionals (i.e. contractors, remodelers, etc.).

Why utilize the CHER®:

There are many features and benefits to consider when deciding if you and/or your company will want to take advantage of the CHER® product.  A few of them are:
  • Increased productivity - The CHER® increases productivity for those creating home evaluation and/or home assessment reports by guiding the users in producing comprehensive and detailed reports.
  • Reduces omissions - The CHER® walks users through all aspects of the home environment thus reducing the possibility of neglecting a key area.
  • Accuracy - The CHER® helps produce an accurate accounting of any problems within the home environment for the client and enables the user to address those issues.
  • Effective Documentation - The CHER® has been proven to be an effective method of documenting the client's needs based on their functional status.  The report can be as brief and concise or as comprehensive and encompassing as needed.
  • Portability - With Internet access, The CHER® can be accessed and utilized on-site if the professional wishes.
  • Enhanced Reimbursement - A high quality home evaluation report greatly enhances the likelihood of full claim reimbursement.
  • In order to further enhance your report, The CHER® provides the capability to add photos and captions and/or insert your own professional recommendations.
  • In addition, all parties involved in the home modification project are able to identify the issues and possible remedies as stated within The CHER®.
  • Affordable - The CHER® is available with three pricing options.  You can pay $19.50 per report generated, or a subscription plan of a one-time fee of $399 plus $29 per month per subscriber, or special site pricing is available for companies with multiple locations. 
    • The CHER® is available ABSOLUTELY FREE to professors and program directors to use within their curriculum as a means of teaching universal and accessible home design and producing home evaluation/assessment reports.  
    • The CHER® is available ABSOLUTELY FREE to students currently enrolled in a formal program at a college/university program such as: PT, PTA, OT, OTA, Kitchen & Bath Design, Home Design/Interior Design, Architectural Programs, and Construction Programs.
To learn more about The CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) please go to or call Specialized Home Design, Inc. at (616) 887-8130.