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The CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report)

SPECIAL NOTE: The CHER® is completely FREE for you to use. Whether you are using the CHER® as a resource for information or using it to generate a home evaluation/assessment report, there is no cost to using it. 

If you watch the CHER® instructional videos, there are indications and instructions about paying for a report. Please disregard these comments as there is no longer a charge for generating CHER® reports. 

Brief Description

The CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) is an innovative web-based tool that provides a unique way to produce a home modification evaluation or assessment report. The CHER® is a state-of-the-art template for medical practitioners and/or universal and accessible home modification specialists to utilize when creating home evaluation or home assessment reports for their clients seeking home modifications. This tool has been designed through many years of practical application in the field of home modifications and has been proven to give a global view of the client’s functional status as well as their home environment with its problems and possible solutions. The CHER® has also been recognized as a powerful teaching tool for universities and colleges to utilize when teaching their students about universal and accessible home design and creating their subsequent reports.


1. Productivity for staff – Utilizing the CHER® increases productivity for all staff members performing home evaluation/assessment reports. It does this by guiding professional staff in producing comprehensive and detailed reports. The CHER® allows for excellent organization of one's thoughts and provides enhancement to problem solve issues regarding home modifications. By using the CHER® it will make the individual, company, association or agency stand out among their peers.

2. Accuracy - The CHER® has been used repeatedly in the field to produce an accurate accounting of not only problems found within the home environment, but it enables the user to produce a report that is precise for all issues addressed.

3. Effective Documentation – Specialized Home Design has learned that proper documentation is critical in obtaining quality home modification results for their clients (i.e. the injured, contractors, insurance companies, etc.) To this end, the CHER® has been proven to be an effective method of documenting the client's needs based on their functional status or lack thereof. When using the CHER®, it has been found that all parties involved in the home modification project are able to identify the issues at hand and possible remedies as stated within the report.

4. Enhanced Reimbursement – One of the most important issues to be addressed is how reimbursement is effected when utilizing the CHER®. Specialized Home Design has found that full reimbursement has always been obtained as long as what is being produced is reasonably necessary for the client, whether this pertains to third party payers or by private parties. It has been found that current documentation is lacking in many settings concerning the home environment. With the use of the CHER®, one will increase the the professional results in producing a high quality home modification report.


The CHER® allows the professional to organize and systematically go through a home environment to assess the issues that are problems for the client based on their limited functional status and needs. The web-based template assists the professional in providing solutions to frequently found problems inside and outside the home environment. The CHER® provides flexibility within the report allowing the user to pick and choose various solutions as well as the option to insert their own recommendations for accessibility in the home environment.

Resource Directory

An added value to the CHER® is the Resource Directory. The Resource Directory is a listing of many different types of companies that offer unique products and services that the professional may seek for their client and/or their home environment as they perform a home evaluation/assessment report.

Image Galleries

Another added value to the CHER® is an image gallery in virtually every section of the CHER®. These galleries contain images of both projects and products that incorporate universal and accessible design within them. Many of these images will demonstrate and support the recommendations that are provided within the CHER® itself. And most of the images can be uploaded into your reports as examples of what you are recommending.


The CHER® is designed for professionals that perform home modification evaluations for their clients and wish to produce a professional report. It offers the user the opportunity to provide a thorough evaluation of the client’s home environment and ensures that virtually all aspects of the home environment are addressed. Early on it was recognized by Scott Anderle, PT, CAPS that many home modification evaluations/assessment reports that were written lacked in details that were essential to all parties involved in home modification projects. These details help to ensure an optimal functioning environment for the end user, the client. They also help the 3rd party payer (insurance company) and all parties involved in the home modification project. With the use of the CHER®, prints and bids by contractors are able to be obtained in a timelier and more cost efficient manner. Also, obtaining comparable bids from multiple contractors using the CHER®, allows for a better “apples to apples” comparison. The CHER® helps to eliminate the ambiguousness within the home modification project.

Why utilize the CHER®?