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  Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) specializes in universal and accessible home design and offers proven solutions that address unique living environment needs.

SHD's goal is to provide you with information to expand your knowledge of universal and accessible home design. Whether you are looking for the definition of universal and accessible home design or searching for more specific details such as the recommended door width for a manual wheelchair. Or maybe you're looking for specialty products such as residential elevators or chair lifts, we are here to help you learn more. We encourage you to explore our website and sign up for a free CHER® (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) account which offers more specific details and information pertaining to universal and accessible home design.

The CHER® is a reporting tool for creating home evaluation or assessment reports and it can also be used as a resource of information on universal and accessible home design. The CHER® was developed by SHD to support those wishing to incorporate universal and accessible home design into the home environment of those who need it most:

  • those who have sustained a catastrophic injury
  • those who have been stricken with a life-altering illness or disability
  • those who wish to age-in-place by purchasing or building a new home or modifying an existing home to accommodate an elderly or disabled person
  • those who would like a "lifetime design" home


Many universities and colleges utilize the CHER® to teach their students about universal and accessible home design and performing home evaluations and assessments. Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

SHD has established many educational opportunities that can assist you in furthering your knowledge in the realm of universal and accessible home design. Go to the Seminars page for dates and locations of upcoming seminars or take an online seminar at your own convenience.

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