Kitchen #1

VIDEO #1 - The following video demonstrates an accessible kitchen by Kohler. Cynthia Leibrock walks you through all the features of Kohler's universal and accessible designed kitchen.


VIDEO #2 - This video demonstrates the AutoPantry™ by StorageMotion Inc. The AutoPantry™ will help you easily find and reach your pantry items that are out of reach! It works on the principle of a carousel where items go around and around in a vertical fashion. It is great for bringing items from high places to eye level


VIDEO #3 - This video demonstrates a solution to reaching items in upper cabinets whether you are standing or in a seated position.  The AUTO-CAB by Automated Cabinet Systems Inc.  This universal design cabinet is the perfect remodel solution to replace your upper kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, garage cabinets or other storage cabinets that you may be unable to reach.