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Our Image Gallery is designed to demonstrate products and projects that may benefit those who have a disability, those among our elderly population and those who are interested in universal and accessible home design. When visiting our website Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) wants our visitors to view solutions to problems which they might have in their own home environment. The products and home design images that are demonstrated in the Image Gallery are for informational purposes only and SHD does not guarantee or endorse these products and or home images.

This Image Gallery is categorized alphabetically by regions or rooms of a single family residential home.  As you click on the links in a category you will see various products and projects relating to that area of the home environment. For a more extensive image gallery, you can sign up for your own personal free CHER® account.



Closet #1 - a walk-in closet for an individual in a manual wheelchair

Closet #2 - more walk-in closets for an individual in a manual wheelchair


Doorway #1 - Demonstrates different types of doorways that one might have

Doorway #2 - Shows two doorways on the first level of the home.


Home Automation

Automated Door Opener #1 - Displays an automated door opener with signals

Automated Door Opener #2 - Demonstrates another door opener leading to a patio


Kitchen #1 - Shows many features of an accessible kitchen

Kitchen #2 - Displays more features of another accessible kitchen

Master Bathrooms

Bathroom #1 - a master bathroom for someone completely dependent on caregivers

Bathroom #2 - a master bathroom for a young man with incomplete quadraplegic

Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

Safe Room #1 - Demonstrates construction of a safe room within the garage region

Safe Shelters #1 - Coming soon

INDEPENDENCE CONDOMINIUMS - Click here to see a condo deveopment comprised of homes demonstrating universal and accessible home design.


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