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The Resource Directory is a listing of many different types of companies that offer specialty products and services for the home environment. Access to the Resource Directory is obtained through having your own free CHER® account. Sign up now to view the complete list in the Resource Directory.


Being Part of the Resource Directory

Participation in the Resource Directory prominently places your company in front of a highly targeted and motivated buying group that has direct access to you. The Resource Directory is an extraordinary way to market your company and its products and/or services for very little cost to you. The Resource Directory is a feature of the CHER® (the Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report), which allows the users of the CHER® to have direct access to your company at their fingertips as they seek out products and services related to universal and accessible home design for their clients. Participating in the Resource Directory will also place your company in other locations in the CHER® and on our website, please see below.

Who uses the CHER®?

Click above to view an example of the types of people who are using the CHER® and are your potential buying group.

Who's in the Resource Directory?

Many local companies are promoting their products and services in the Resource Directory. Some examples are:

  • Adaptive Environments (residential elevators and lifts)
  • Williams Kitchen and Baths (retailer of kitchen and bath products)
  • Clock Conversions (vehicle modifications)
  • VanLoozenoord Construction and Remodeling, LLC (universal and accessible design building contractor)
  • Dignacare (portable bidets & other products)


Along with many national companies you may recognize :

  • GE Appliances
  • Masco Bath (bathroom accessories)
  • TJ Rampit USA
  • Ponte Guilio (bathroom accessories)
  • Kohler Company


Whether you serve your general area, the entire U.S. or the world, you to can join the likes of these companies and showcase your company by participating in this unique opportunity!

Other Locations

When you register to be in the Resource Directory, your company is also included in several other locations associated with Specialized Home Design, such as:

  1. The Image Gallery of the CHER® (some conditions apply) - we will create a gallery of your product or project images which can also be uploaded into reports and demonstrated to all parties involved in a home modification project.
  2. Our facebook business page - your company logo and a description will be posted on our wall.
  3. In “SpecialtyProducts1”, our YouTube page (if applicable) - we will include your videos on our account with other specialty products.
  4. Under "Links to Products & Resources" in the Learning Center of this website - we will insert your company logo with a brief description and a link to your website.
  5. An announcement in our monthly e-newsletter, ‘Access Abilities’ - your company will be featured in the "Newest Members of the Resource Directory" area of the newsletter.


How do I or my company become part of the Resource Directory?

Call us at 616-771-0493 to learn more about this unique opportunity, pricing and to recieve directions to sign up for your Resource Directory account. Once your account is established, SHD will work with you on the content for the other locations and if applicable, images for your image gallery.