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Below is a list of some hints and tips for our CHER® users. If you are producing home evaluation reports utilizing the CHER® these tips will help you maximize some of the many features of the CHER®.


The CHER® is completely FREE for you to use. Whether you are using the CHER® as a resource for information or using it to generate a home evaluation/assessment report, there is no cost to using it. 

If you watch the CHER® instructional videos, there are indications and instructions about paying for a report. Please disregard these comments as there is no longer a charge for generating CHER® reports. 


The CHER Instructional Videos

Once you are logged into your account, the CHER Instructional Videos are an option under the Menu Options on the left side. The instructional videos are step by step directions on how to use and maximize the CHER for home evaluation reports. In some of the videos there is indications that you will have to pay for your reports. Please disregard these comments as this is no longer the case. The CHER is COMPLETELY FREE to use.  


Terms of Service for the CHER®

As a CHER® account holder, it is your responsibility to periodically review the Terms of Services regarding the CHER®. To view the current Terms of Service, click here.


Your Name and Credentials

It is important to include your credentials when entering your name during the sign up process. The name, credentials and company name you provide, is how it will appear in your finished CHER® reports. If changes are required to your information after you've created your account, simply select "Account" under the Menu Options and make the necessary changes.


Saving your completed CHER® Reports

Once you have completed your home evaluation or home assessment report for your client, it is important to save the final PDF version of the report to your computer as well as place a printed copy in the client's file/chart. Encrypted copies of the body of your reports are saved on a secured server for a period of one year at which time they are automatically removed. Once you have completed your report, click PREVIEW REPORT to view what your final report will look like (minus the watermark). Once you are satisfied with your completed report, click FINALIZE REPORT. You will then be asked to provide additional detailed confidential information about your client for a cover page.  For confidentiality reasons, the information included on the cover page is not saved on our server, but it is important to include it in your finished report. After you have inserted the the cover page information, click GENERATE FINALIZED REPORT. At this time, a PDF version of your report is generated. The PDF version should then be saved by clicking FILE, then SAVE AS and select the folder on your computer where you want the report to be saved.


Adding space for your signature on your reports

In order to add space for your signature at the end of your report, special coding is required.  Don't worry, it's easy!  Go to the Summary section of your report. In the box under the closing line (i.e. Very Truly Yours, Sincerely,) type in:

<signature>your name as you want it to appear<signature>       

(Example: <signature>John Doe<signature> )

What is between the two <signature>'s is how your name will appear on your report. This will provide extra line spaces for your handwritten signature as well as your typed name. Or you can type your name in the box and it will appear after the closing line.


Integrate your company logo into your CHER® reports

When producing home evaluation and/or home assessment reports using the CHER®, you can identify your company right on the front page your your reports.  Once you have logged into you account, click on Logo under the Menu Options on the left hand side. The logo that you insert here will appear in the upper left corner on the cover page of your reports. You only have to do this once and it will appear on all your reports. Please keep in mind that the logo should be in .jpg format and no larger than 700 by 300 pixels and less than 500kb.


Taking pictures to use in the CHER®

When pictures are included in your home evaluation and/or home assessment reports, it helps paint a clearer picture of the regions of the home that are issues or areas of concern for your client. The CHER® allows you to insert pictures directly into your report. However, taking the best picture is also important. The CHER® best supports the use of horizontal pictures rather than vertical pictures. Click here for some more helpful hints.


Using "photo editing" to enhance your CHER® reports

Everyone knows “a picture paints a thousand words”.  As professionals doing home evaluations or assessments, including pictures in your CHER® reports helps paint a picture for the reader. Pictures help portray an area of the home environment that is a barrier for the client and it may be difficult to describe. Things such as unsafe steps into the home, the lack of handrails along the steps to another level of the home, the lack of ADA compliant grab bars, etc. all present challenges for the elderly and someone with a disability. 

After you’ve made a recommendation, there is a simple way to demonstrate in a photo what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are recommending ADA compliant grab bars be installed in your client’s master bathroom, you can draw in the location of the grab bars using a copy of your original photo of the area in question. Simply make a “copy” of the original photo, then using a photo editing program such as Photoshop, Pixlr, etc., draw in lines where the grab bars need to be placed. When you are done, save the photo to your computer file and then upload the photo into your report. This enhancement will provide a visual image to your recommendation.

It should be noted that if you use a copyrighted image and alter it in any fashion and use it for commercial purposes, you should contact the owner of the image to obtain written permission to use the image.


Using the Resource Directory

The Resource Directory is a listing of companies within the CHER® which provide products and/or services to assist with the home modification requirements for your clients. Users of the CHER® use the Resource Directory to seek out products and/or services for their clients while generating a home evaluation or home assessment report and making recommendations for the client. With three simple clicks, you can be on their website to view their products and/or services. You can also send an email directly to company to inquire more about their products and/or services. We encourage our CHER® users to utilize the companies that are listed in the Resource Directory.


CHER® for the Construction Professional

It has been identified that the CHER® can also assist construction professionals and others in performing home modification assessments for their clients.  It is a tool that addresses the physical and structural elements within the home environment and assists those working towards achieving a universal and accessible designed home for their client. When home modification assessment reports are generated by a contractor, remodeler, or other non-medical professional, the client's medical practitioners should always review and approve your recommendations within your report.


Spell Check

If your browser does not support a spell checking feature, you may wish to get Firefox, a browser with built in spell checking. A free download is available here.


Adobe Flash Support

The CHER® supports the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.