Testimonials from colleges & universities using the CHER®

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Alexander Lopez, JD, OT/L, Assistant Professor, Touro College, School of Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy Program

The CHER web-based software program has been an intuitive and practical tool in both home-based practice and academia. In the past, I used a variety of home assessment tools that superficially met the needs of my clients. Prior to discovering CHER, I used a patchwork of tools and resources that never seemed to meet the needs of my clients. Today, the CHER is my primary source for environmental modification evaluations. It is clear and easy to navigate. Furthermore, the CHER is an invaluable resource for teaching and experiential learning. Students gain practical insight and knowledge through performing home assessments utilizing the CHER software.  Lastly, the final product has been recognized by my clients and contractors as exceedingly professional. Whether it is a simple room assessment or a comprehensive home assessment, the CHER has not only met my needs, but more importantly, helped me meet the needs of my clients.

David Village, PT, DHSc, GCS - Associate Professor, Andrews University, Physical Therapy Department

"The students in my General Medicine physical therapy class complete a home evaluation assignment related to universal access and home design.  This is the second year my students have completed their report by using CHER.  Besides providing the students an opportunity to practice doing a home evaluation, the assignment allows students to become familiar with an excellent resource to use in their future practice.  CHER is very user friendly and comprehensive.  It is very easy for the students to upload images of the house into the report, and to select images from CHER’s product gallery for recommendation purposes.  Having the students email or upload a pdf file of their report makes for easy grading.  Vicki has been extremely patient and helpful in answering my questions about using CHER.  I highly recommend giving your students a chance to become familiar with this excellent product." - May 2011

Andrews University Physical Therapy students have been using the CHER since Fall 2009.

Linda Peterson, Director Design Programs, Southwest Florida College, The Institute of Interior Design

"I want you to know how useful CHER was to our students in the aging in place, and multi generation projects. We will be teaching those classes again soon, and I look forward to teaching the students how to use your product. I believe your innovative program, is a great tool, for anyone in the design industry. Thank you again for allowing our students to learn and use your product. This new enhancement sounds like a wonderful addition." - April 2011

Southwest Florida College, Interior Design students havebeen using the CHER since April 2010.

Rosanne DiZazzo-Miller, DrOT, OTRL, CDP, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, Master of Occupational Therapy Program

"The students at Wayne State University’s Master of Occupational Therapy Program learn about home modification and universal design as part of their core curriculum. This year I decided to accompany this lecture with a Skype-in from Scott Anderle. He was able to bring to life the true role of the therapist in home modification. The CHER is an incredibly easy to use product and guides the student through the home modification write up and recommendation process. In addition, the database includes an enormous amount of resources for funding, which is extremely useful to current student and new grads. I am grateful for the collaboration and will definitely incorporate this into our curriculum on a yearly basis. Thank you!" - March 2012

Wayne State University has been using the CHER in their occupational therapy program since Spring 2010.