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Our Video Library is designed to demonstrate products and projects that may benefit those who have a disability, those among our elderly population and those who are interested in universal and accessible home design. When visiting our website Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) wants our visitors to view solutions to problems which they might have in their own home environment. The products that are demonstrated in the Video Library are for informational purposes only and SHD does not guarantee or endorse these products and or home images.

Below is an alphabetical list which is categorized by regions or rooms of a single family residential home environment.  We have included links to some specific videos which we thought may be of interest. As you click on the links in a category you will see various products and projects relating to that area of the home environment. For a much more extensive video library, you can sign up for your own free CHER® account.


For your company to display videos of your products or projects on our website or in our Video Library, please contact us at 616-771-0493 or email us.




Bathroom #1 -These videos offer bathroom and bathing options.

Video #1 - A universal designed bathroom by designer, Cynthia Leibrock

Video #2 - A walk-in bathtub by Safety Bath, Inc.

Video #3 - A walk-in bathtub by Rane

Video #4 - A bathtub with a rising wall by Kohler


Bathroom #2 - These videos demonstrate miscellaneous bathroom accessories

Video #1 - A toilet riser by Medway Corp

Video #2 - A unique personal hygiene device called the Freedom Wand®


Bedroom #1 - These videos demonstrate the use & installation of an Ergolet ceiling track lift system

Video #1 - A master bedroom with an Ergolet ceiling track lift system installed

Video #2 - An instructional video on the proper installation of an Ergolet ceiling track lift system


Closets #1 - These videos offer solutions for accessiblity in the closet areas.

Video #1 - a vertical hanging clothes carousel from StorageMotion Inc.

Video #2 - an electric clothes lift from StorageMotion Inc.

Video #3 - a shoe carousel by StorageMotion Inc.


Entryways #1 - These videos offer solutions for automatic doorways for getting into and out of the home or buildings.

Video #1 - An automatic door opener from Open Sesame Doors.


 Kitchen #1 - These videos demonstrate different products for the kitchen area of the home.

Video #1 - A universal and accessible designed kitchen by Kohler

Video #2 - A pantry with rotating shelves by StorageMotion Inc.

Video #3 - An automated system that lowers upper cabinets to an accessible level by Automated Cabinet Systems.


Stairways #1 - These videos offers solutions for getting from one level of the home to another for a wheelchair user.

Video #1 - An inclined platform wheelchair lift by Butler Mobility Products