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Related Websites

Below you will find a list of associated websites that we have gathered over the years. For ease of searching, the websites are grouped into categories. Please take the time to check them out but keep in mind that Specialized Home Design, Inc. is providing them as a courtesy and does not necessarily endorse them or guarantee their services.  If you would like to share other websites that we do not have listed, please feel free to contact us at 616-771-0493 or by email. We hope you will find them to be helpful.  For additional contacts, websites and universal and accessible home design services, please sign up for your free CHER® account.

Click on the category header to see the expanded list of websites.

Accessible Housing-Real Estate

Click for resources by state to search for accessible housing.

Accessible Parks & Recreation

Click to view websites that are associated with accessible parks, including fully accessible theme parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and learning camps.


Click on the title to see a variety of national associations.


Click above to display websites with universal and/or accessible furniture.

Government & Informational Websites

Click to view an expanded listing of government websites with guidelines and standards.


Click above for websites that publish newsletters relevant to and for those with disabilities.

Product Searches

Click for expanded list of places to search for products

Safe Rooms/Safe Shelters

Click above to find websites related to safe rooms & safe shelters.

Safety and Prevention

Click on title for websites pertaining to safety and prevention in the home.

Travel Related

Click here to find accessible travel related websites.

Universities and Colleges

Click for a list of universites and colleges with specific programs related to universal and accessible home design.

Visitability-Concrete Change-Eleanor Smith

Click to find out more about visitability.